Mortgage Master - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Mortgage Master still be able to give us the best rates if the banks have to pay you?

Yes. The banks take our fee from the banker's commission. As such the banks continue to give you their best rates, and its a win win win win for you, the bank, the banker and us. This allows us to continue giving you unbiased advice for home loans while helping you save money.

I would like to reprice my loan with my existing bank, can you help me?

Mortgage Master will be able to point you in the right direction. Don't worry, we will always find the best deal for your home loan for you!

I am not planning to refinance or buy a new house soon, can I learn more for my future decisions?

Mortgage Master is here to help you. Be it now or in the future we believe that everyone deserves to have knowledge. Do enquire and allow our mortgage specialists to provide advice for your new purchase and refinancing decisions.

Is my contact details and information safe?

We value your privacy and will never sell your information or pass your details to any 3rd party without your permission.